VoIP is used to transfer voice over an IP network

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, or Voice over Internet Protocol in English) is a telephony standard that allows the transmission of voice over an IP-based network. The use of a VoIP network allows people and businesses to use their existing IP network to manage their telephony needs. For this to be possible, there must be a VoIP server or gateway to manage VoIP traffic and to distribute calls in the same way that an analog telephone system would. There are numerous different types of VoIP servers but they have the same basic functionality: providing VoIP services to people.

Hybrid telephone systems

Since VoIP is a relatively new technology, many telephone system manufacturers have had to develop additional hardware to enable the existence of analog telephone systems and to handle VoIP calls. This ensures that it is not necessary for businesses to replace their entire telephone infrastructure and that they can add VoIP functionality to their system at a relatively low cost. This additional hardware allows both VoIP and analog devices to use the telephone system.

Analog Servers
Internet User

VoIP Phone Systems Only

Many phone manufacturers are creating IP telephone systems only to allow businesses to use their IP network to transfer all data and voice traffic. A great advantage of this is that you only need to implement one type of cabling and often VoIP phones can share an existing network cable with a workstation. Usually, these VoIP telephone systems will only continue to have an interface to a similar telephony network to provide compatibility with previous versions.

VoIP to analog servers

Since VoIP is a much more recent technology than traditional analog telephony, it is important that VoIP servers are capable of converting from a VoIP protocol to an analog protocol and vice versa. All VoIP servers must be able to do the above to allow integration between analog and IP-based calls. This is exactly the way in which services like “Skype” work since they allow VoIP clients to call regular analog telephone numbers.

VoIP on the Internet

The Internet offers many free services that allow telephone calls to be made through the use of existing TCP / IP protocols. “Skype” is the largest of its kind but there are many alternatives and they act as VoIP servers to manage calls. Currently, no universal VoIP telephone numbering system works in the same way as the analog telephone numbering system used throughout the world.